5 Best Infographics – Mobile Marketing In eCommerce


Mobile marketing in retail is no longer an option, it is clearly a necessity. The mobile market is growing so fast that soon desktop will not even be able to compete with it. Instead of going to the shops, more and more people choose to make purchases on their mobile devices. It is estimated that by 2017 there will be 10 billion mobile-connected devices in the World. It is hard to even imagine how many mobile users will be out there by then. Mobile in general has become a huge influence on consumers’ purchasing decisions. Unfortunately, recent…

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How to drive high volume of classified users?

This week we are sharing with you our case study about driving high value of classified users in emerging countries. Our Client wanted to reach a substantial volume of quality installs in the highly competitive classifieds space across multiple emerging countries. Primary KPI that is driving the ROI of the Campaign is post rate within 72 hours of the install. Driving the ROI

Our client is a leading classifieds player in emerging markets with the objective of becoming the leading platform in LATAM, India, Brazil and South Africa,…

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Publisher IDs – Reveal the True Target Audience


This time we are very glad to welcome Paul H Müller on our blog. Paul is a CTO and co-founder of adjust, a leading mobile app attribution and analytics company. And he is sharing some insights about using Publisher IDs to reveal the true target audience. 

Working with large amounts of data can be overwhelming when your instinct tells you there’s nothing there. Publisher IDs tend to be exactly that sort of trade-off – there are vast amounts of information there, however, with a little persistence and smart analysis, can … read more

ROI For Leading Dating App Through LTV Technology

What is LTV?

Our CEO has explained LTV in his last blog post a couple of weeks ago. Let’s get back to the basics and remember what LTV actually is.

Life Time Value Tracking and Optimization Technology enables mobile apps advertisers to maximize the ROI on their user acquisition campaigns by optimally allocating the marketing budget on a large number of media sources.

M: Monetization = Aggregate gross profit of all monetization events per average user over lifetime

R: Retention = Average lifetime of a user

F: Factors…

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day one churn: increasing engagement

Mack Flavelle, VP Marketing at Tapstream gives us some tips about  increasing engagement and making sure hard earned users stick around. It’s well known that app abandonment rates (day 1 churn) are shockingly high. Our own data at Tapstream suggests north of 80% of app installs are never opened more than once. Until you’ve conquered that engagement problem there’s no point in scaling up your user acquisitions, it’s nearly masochistic. Like willingly taking on the trials of Tantalus- users always so… read more